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Big in Iceland, 2003

Three songs were all over the radio and TV when Kelly and I were in Iceland in 2003 for our honeymoon, and I find that they frequently pop into my head.

“Be Faithful” by Fat Man Scoop

I love the sampled from “Chic Cheer” & Black Sheep, but what gets me about this song is how in your face is. It’s exhausting to listen to, and the video is a little terrifying.

“Slow” by Kylie Minogue

I like all the whitespace in this one. Weird that the video takes place poolside because all I think about when I hear it is the frozen Reykjavik landscape. If I remember correctly, I took this picture out the window of of our bus back to Keflavik:

Iceland Landscape near Keflavik

“Call of the Wild” by Gus Gus (Warning! It’s gross.)

Sorry about this one! When the video for this was on in our hotel room, we couldn’t stop watching. I can’t imagine this ever playing on US TV. Definitely recontextualizes the title and lyrics.