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“Holy Holy” by Play Dead

playdead.jpgBack from Buffalo with a million things to do. Here’s a quick holdover goth post I ripped from vinyl before I left.

I have a new batch on deck that I’ll begin posting soon, please let me know if there are any requests.

Here’s some mid-80s fuzzy goth from UK’s Play Dead. Weird but funky. Maybe more akin to a darker A Certain Ratio than anything typically goth. They’re on MySpace– more songs and obligatory reissue information there.

Play Dead, “Holy Holy” from the From the Promised Land LP on Clay Records (1984)

“Coprolalia” by Hole

hole.jpgNo, not that Hole. Not much online about this group or label, but they did put out this and another 12″, Dyskinesia, which I’ve yet to find in a store. This is one of the few records I managed to actually buy at Cheapo in Austin.

A nice, dark sample play track to increase your holiday cheer. Some nice dubby overtones here.

Hole, “Coprolalia” from the Other Voices Other Tongues LP on EYAS Media (1988)

“The Cat (Extended Version),” by The Essence

cat.jpgThere’s something about The Essence that has me always defending them in my heart. An unstudied ear might consider them just a ripoff of the Cure, due to the strikingly familiar lead vocals, but I think there’s something a little more rocking here. The sounds are fuller and everything seems a little less delicate.

This particular track has a hint of the sounds that make the New Model Army and U2 songs of the same era so good. Once again, we learn of an upcoming re-release from Myspace. Cherry Red’s putting it out.

The Essence,”The Cat (Extended Version),” from The Cat EP on Midnight Music (1986)