“Back Too Black” by Keith Levene

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Strange white-vinyl EP from PiL’s (and early Clash member) Keith Levene released about a year after he left the group. I had to post both the front and back cover images because I love the picture of him with the boombox. You really get the sense that he’s going it alone until you realize someone had to take that shot.

Levene left PiL over disagreements during the recording of their breakthrough This Is What You Want… This Is What You Get (which was rerecorded after Levene’s departure). Levene released his versions of the songs on Commercial Zone. This is pretty much where PiL changed course, from great post-punk band to pretty-great pop band. I still got love for you, late 80s/early 90s PiL!

But my loyalty lies with the originals like Levene and Jah Wobble, who continued to release interesting, funky, and inspired music well after their PiL years. This rough and dubby track is representative of the whole EP, which lived on a Penelope Spheeris movie soundtrack and on his Violent Opposition album.

Keith Levene, “Back Too Black” from the 2011 Back Too Black LP on (1984)
Keith and Jon Lydon on Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show (around the release of Second Edition, I believe):[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/uc3KDmX96jw" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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  • Actually, rather than waiting for me to post it, head on over the The Commercial Zone, which may be the best album blog I have ever seen. He’s posted his namesake LP in it’s entirety, along with a hundred or so other must have discs… often the CD re-releases with tons of bonus tracks. Thanks to Fantod, whose new blog is off to the right start, for pointing this one out.

  • Thank you for the nice words!

  • Hey
    Thanks so much for making this available.

    Commercial Zone no longer has the lp up. Anyway of getting a copy of this reposted in full?

    Tried to figure out how to request at commercial zone but had no luck.



  • I also second the request for a rip of this album. I’m working on an extended version of the “Hollywood Vice Squad” soundtrack and would like to have the songs from this release for it. Thanks for re-sharing it.

  • For those wanting a copy of “2011-Back In Black”, here is my vinyl rip. All songs have been cleaned of noise and any crackling/pops. I also combined the tracks “Cops I, II and III” into on continuous song since that is the way they actually play. Not sure why Keith separated them. Anyway, enjoy as I know you will. BTW, “Cops” and “Cedd Moses” were used in the film “Hollywood Vice Squad”. The “Violent Opposition” version of “Heavy 4 Fire” was used as well, but not the one from this album.

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