“Cleopatra” by Elastica

elastica.jpgHorrible surface-noisy recording of the free flexi that came with vinyl copies of Electrica’s 1995 LP. Nothing unexpected here, but seemed like I needed to ri this before it completely disintegrated.

I always loved this group’s unassuming, lazy-almost-bored delivery. Also, you gotta love a band who’s not afraid to bite both Wire and the Stranglers.

Next up is an Elastica related post, by member Donna Matthews’ prior band, the Darling Buds. Seems like I’m posting a lot of female lead vocal stuff lately, huh? Don’t expect it to stop.

Elastica, “Cleopatra” from the free flexi 45 accompanying the Elastica LP on Geffen Records (1995)

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  • Hi there,

    i noticed the link for this track is now a 404. Any chance you could re-up it or email it to me? I am desperate for this track. I have got an original Elastica LP on vinyl you see (the one with the misprint and the flexi) but it’s in storage, and i can’t get at it. Really bugging me that this track isn’t on the CD version of the LP.

    Thanks in advance,


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