“Suicide Jockey” by Tyla Gang

279855.jpgA mishmash of 70s styles. I first fell in love with Tyla Gang because of their enigmatic rambler “Styrofoam,” which Stiff released on 45 in 1976, and I heard on an early Stiff Records compilation. Buy that song.

This song is equally as confusing as “Styrofoam”, but endearing in how it pulls together the sounds of Thin Lizzy, Frampton, Santana, Stooges, Buffalo Springfield, and Alice Cooper into one strangely subdued song about suicide. Y’all hear all of that?

The bside, “Cannons of the Boogie Night,” however, does not live up to the promise of its title.

Tyla Gang, “Suicide Jockey,” from the Skydog Records 45 (1977)

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